Sugared Almonds | Ušećereni Bademi

Possibly the easiest sweet recipe ever! And kinda healthy with the almonds…don’t break a tooth and enjoy!


~ 50ml water

~ 120grams refined or caster sugar

~ One tablespoon of vanilla sugar (I used one packet)

~ A dash of cinnamon

~ 100grams whole almonds


  1. In a frypan bring to boil water, caster sugar, vanilla sugar and cinnamon
  2. Add the almonds and cook on medium heat, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon. The liquid will evaporate after about five minutes and the sugar will begin to coat the almonds in a dry crust.
  3. Lower heat and stir gently (with a wooden spoon) until the sugar has completely crystallised.
  4. Shake the almonds onto a sheet of baking paper and working quickly, separate the almond clusters with two forks. Serve.

Let me know if you tried these sugary almond treats and what you thought

Dobar Tek! Zivjeli! (Bon Appetit! Cheers and let’s live!)

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